Get all user data from hybridauth - hybridauth

I need to get all user available data like work experience and education does hybridauth provide that ?
Now I can get user basic data using hybridauth. I want to get all user data from Google+ ,Facebook and linked in. Any help ?

Information that you can retrieve from social networks depend on what the providers offer.
Currently neither of those providers has functionality to go beyond getting the basic user information from the social network and maybe posting to user feed there.
It's also unlikely that this will be added as very few need it. It requires additional permissions and for other reasons.
But you can just add additional functionality to the given provider in hybridauth/Hybrid/Providers/


Begining with Google Fit API… Could I access to manage data from several users?

I have tried to search this in the website, but I have not got found it. I am new with google fit API, and I have a question:
I am going to develop a web platform to manage activity levels of several users, and I want to get these data from Google Fit. Can I do it? (or because of OAuth2 protocol and authentication tokens it is not possible?). I have issues trying to understand OAuth2 mechanism and I do not know if I can access the information knowing the token of each user (or it changes over time ¿?).
Similarly, using Fitbit API, do you know if it is possible or it works in the same way? (I know you need to use oAuth2 protocol, but in url for GET - for example - you can include the ID of a specific user).
To sum up, I do not know if these scenarios are possible:
Web Platform
web master ------GET-----> activity log of user 1 / activity log of user 2 / ...
I appreciate any information about that.
Yes there is no reason why you can not do this. Each user will have to go though the OAuth2 flow and you will then need to record the tokens for each user and just use the appropriate one in the future when accessing there data. Clearly you need to be clear with the user as to how your going to use the data, especially in relation to sharing it. You need to check the specific FIT terms and conditions to be sure your not looking to do anything that is explicitly excluded. You need to be aware that the user may revoke your access at any time so you need to be able to handle this.

How to have access to new LinkedIn Api

we have an Plugin for an CRM-Software on Mac. With our plugin we want to show LinkedIn Contacts of an Person. So that you have an fast access to them. The problem with the new API is that the permission ‚r_network‘ is running out. Is that correct ? Do you have any suggestion how to solve this problem ? Do i have to join a partner program or what?
I think this is a duplicate issue.
Pulling profile information from Linkedin is not very easy in terms of pulling a specific public user profile.
If you want to pull a profile you need to meet one of the requirements below.
Have a special partnership with LinkedIn which allows you access to
non-public API functions. This is very hard, and per my
understanding, they only consider big guys (Startups with serious
funding, established companies...)
Retrieve the user's details from another social network via email
(Facebook used to allow that, not sure these days), and then perform
a faceted search in LinkedIn's API using details other than the
email (name, job title, location...) . You will get accurate results
lots of times.
Use a 3rd party service such as in order to get you
those results.
Note the above was copied from linked issue.
For more information on integrating with linkedin, check their API. Their documentation is great and they have an awesome tool to test their api.

I have an app/web application in mind but I can't find the answers on what I would need to build it [closed]

Basic overview of this app isn't new or ground breaking. most importantly it's centered around the google maps api using json. That part I have under control, i have studied the google maps api up and down.
The issue I am having is figuring out how to create users for the app. I need to not only allow(require) users to create a profile, but for them to be able to add and view points on the map. Again I am not concerned about the map, only the user profiles.
I have read that javascript isn't secure enough to use to create users (by the way i can't figure out the term I'm looking for ie. user profiles? user area? users? i don't know how to phrase it) but I know that I would like to store the data from the user as json so that I can easily call it. I could say that I am considering using java or ruby on rails but the truth is I don't know the first thing about what I am trying to do (hence not being able to find what I am looking for). I would also like to use a titanium like structure so as to make it friendly for all platforms.
payments will be involved so it needs to be secure, but the data also needs to be usable on the web. i'd like to allow the user to access there product and all of the same functionailty that comes with it on the website (like facebook).
I'm just looking for a lead or something that will help me to find the info I need. if you know what you are talking about and you want to write me a book on the matter please do so. I've been searching for days and can't find what I'm looking for.
You could always use Google's OAuth2 method for performing authentication, which should also make it easy to integrate Google Wallet for payment stuff. As for saving data regarding the user, since you are relying on OAuth2 for your authentication you could just keep track of their Google account (e.g., gmail address) and the OAuth2 Refresh Token. The refresh token would allow you to re-authenticate the OAuth2 session without requiring additional user authentication.
Note: The OAuth2 Refresh Token will only be returned the first time the user grants your application access. Check out these pages:
Hope this is helpful.

Linkedin API - getting a Member_id from a URL

I'm trying to take a given URL ( or that a user passes to my app and derive the app-specific 'member_id' of that person. The info I'm trying to collect will be for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd connections of my app's OAuth user.
This method looked to be it<public-profile-url> but all I'm seeing are the basic public profile fields, not the full info I'm able to get in the browser.
I've also seen some people suggest searching with criteria scraped from the page (name, company, location). It will give you the app-specific 'member_id' if you use something like this keywords=[space delimited keywords]& first-name=[first name]& last-name=[last name] but this seems messy and kind of defeats the purpose of going through the API. Am I understanding everything correctly and is there a good solution for this?
When you use r_fullprofile member permission, you get access to the full profile fields of ONLY the authenticated user. You can only retrieve the basic profile fields of the 1st degree connections of the authenticated user as explained in our Connections API doc. There are no member permissions that allow you to access the full profile fields of the connections. This restriction is added to protect the data privacy of our users.This issue is not with your code, you are getting what our Linkedin APIs allow.
Read the following link to understand more

Finding which user's friends also use my facebook application

I've seen the other answers about this but have a few different questions.
I'm new to Fb Development so bear with me but I am creating an Android app and want to use Fb. I want to find out which of the current user's friends also uses my app, I have implemented a way to do this but I don't think it is the most efficient or even allowed by Fb ToS.
So far, everytime a user interacts with my app, their uid is sent to my own db which either adds the uid or just checks that it's already in there. When the user wants to find other friends that use the app, a nested loop works through the user's friends' uids comparing with the uids in my db and finds them that way. This takes a few seconds with quite a few users and friends so I dread to think how long it would take if my app was successful.
I am now wanting to have another db table that stores uids of friends that use the app, so when the above looping occurs, the user's uid and all their app-using friends' uids are stored in a table together, this would make it much quicker when the user performs the "friend search" again, as many of their friends will already be known to be users.
My question with this is that I don't know if this is allowed by Fb ToS? Am I allowed to retain uids? And if so, am I allowed to retain relationships between uids as I propose?
I know that you can do FQL queries to compare friends with users that use the app but the Android Facebook SDK I am using called Easy Facebook Android SDK for some reason returns FQL queries as XML rather than JSON (even though the query has "&format=json" on the end :-/) and I'm not really a fan of XML and don't want to be messing around with SAX if I don't need to, as I am using JSON for my method because I already have JSON implemented in my app for other things.
I also know about the REST API method getAppUsers() but don't want to use this for the simple reason that it is legacy and could be deprecated anytime.
Thanks for reading all this drudge :-)
Hope you can help,
Regarding to FB policies, I do not think you are breaking them. At most, you will need to add it to your privacy policies:
3 . You will have a privacy policy that tells users what user data you are going to use and how you will use, display, share, or transfer that data and you will include your privacy policy URL in the Developer Application.
4 . A user's friends' data can only be used in the context of the user's experience on your application.
7 . You will not use Facebook User IDs for any purpose outside your application (e.g., your infrastructure, code, or services necessary to build and run your application). Facebook User IDs may be used with external services that you use to build and run your application, such as a web infrastructure service or a distributed computing platform, but only if those services are necessary to running your application and the service has a contractual obligation with you to keep Facebook User IDs confidential.
But, looking at that library, it seems that they're using the old REST API that is being deprecated, (i.e.., URL instead of
I would either (1) contact them to see if they will update the library soon or (2) use another library (such as the android-facebook-sdk).