Hybridauth Twitter in yii framework - hybridauth

How to get User details twitter using hybridAuth extension in YII framework?
I am trying to get User Details in Hybridauth.Got Response 410. i dont know why?My Url in Ipaddress thats any problem for getting response from twitter?
My coding:


How to do signIn and signUp of AWS Amplify in postman

I'm using aws-amplify in react native application. I am trying to create a postman collection of my app and I am unable to figure out what are the endpoints for SignIn, signUp and what data need to send in postman. I could not find any documentation related to it as well. Please guide me.

Github oauth access token got from postman not working in composer rest server

I am trying to develop a blockchain application in hyperledger composer and android as front end.I have developed the business network.Now I need to deploy the rest server and integrate it with android application.As a first step I am trying to enable authentication for my rest server.I have followed the tutorial in this link https://hyperledger.github.io/composer/v0.19/integrating/enabling-rest-authentication.
I have registered my rest server at github and the details are as follows
Now when I authenticate rest server using url http://localhost:3000/auth/github, it is getting me the login page of github and post login Iam redirected to this url http://localhost:3000/ along with access token.
I can see the access token from that.
Now my task is to get that access token from android and interact with composer rest server from android. For this I have followed github link https://developer.github.com/apps/building-oauth-apps/authorizing-oauth-apps/
and tried it with postman first.
I successfully got the access token from that get request.
Now When I request http:/localhost:3000/api/system/ping?acces_token=912699b5b1696616ed1d4c4dcfbdff598329dfc0, I am getting (401)authorization error as follws.
Both tokens obtained from browser and postman are different in terms of their length.
Am I accessing correct access_token for interacting with rest server through postman? If not, how to solve this problem.
Please tell me some resources on how to integrate android application with composer rest server in multi user mode. I hardly find any detailed resources explaining the part of issuing new identities and importing cards for new participants.
Does admin need to issue identity and import their card onto the rest server wallet after every sign up?
How does the rest server knows to use a particular card as default card for a user.
Please explain the above questions in terms of android and java.
Thanks in advance

Authenticating user with grant oauth in android app. (my own API)

im begginer and I want a complete code.. I have a login page in android studio. and user gives his username and password. I have my own server and it's http and dont know how to use retrofit or okhttp or another library to authenticate user.
You should have a look at this blog it will guide you very well
Retrofit for beginner

How can i login in a webservice using my android app?

I am making an app that opens with a login page.I am trying to login in a webservice. We need to enter the user id and password. After entering the correct values the app should move to a next activity where json data from the server will be displayed.
I am using Retrofit for this but i am not able to connect my app with the login page. How do i do that?
Retrofit is advance rest api consumer , please use some easy way to connect to the network . Use volley , or use HTTP Client directly to connect and then parse the response coming from the web service using JsonParser class in Android.

.htaccess authentication in android

I'm creating an android app that interacts with a MySql database through a PHP page.
So I need to do an authentication on the page and I used the .htaccess apache auth (you can see the login form here http://www.imaginsystems.it/uni/)
The problem is that I couldn't find anywhere the code to automate this login. Does someone have this code??
So you're wanting to send the username & password with the request from your App to your PHP script?
I believe you can use this format for sending that kind of login information with the URL: