How Get PowerBuilder icons - powerbuilder

How can I get standard PowerBuilder icons like files with *.ico extension. F.e. Find! or Help! icon like on the picture.

They are embedded in the application. You need to use a tool which extracts icons from compiled applications or use a graphic capture tool and make them yourself.

If you click on the button ... on the right of your image, you will be prompted a list of images file types that are supported. As Matt Balent says, you can also use a tool to extract icon files from existing windwos libraries (like moricons.dll). Here is a small list of libraries that can be usefull:

Check if it's what you need:
PB 10 icons (
the Silk icons (
the WinXP icons (


How to extract 48*48 icon image from resource of an executable file?

I can extract 32*32 icon images, but how about 48*48?
I want to extract an icon image with size 48*48 from a .exe file in Windows. At first, I got the icon resource bits and then I used "CreateIconFromResourceEx" API, but it works true for icon images with size 32*32.
This link includes usefull code in C++ for extracting icon images of an exe or dll file.
but this one dose not work correctly for 48*48 icon image.
this link realy works true for extrancting icon images in various size frome exe or dll files, but this one is written in C#. we can use it to correct the previous one;
Use this one for windows:
For Windows use the LoadResource and related Win32 API. Just name the 48*48 resource something else.
Icons, images, music and other materials are saved as resources in the EXE file. Executable files often have the PE standard(Portable Executable).
So, simply download a disassembler like "PE Explorer" or "Resource Hacker"
to extract what you want from the executables.
I had to solve this problem too, and it seems very convoluted. But here is the answer I came up with:

How to open the sketch file in windows

I have downloaded the icon set from google.
It has the .SKETCH file. I need to know how to open the file. I have Photoshop and Sketchup 2016.
can anyone assist me to open the file ?
Also if possible please let me know the location of google icon set in .fla or .psd format
For those who have same problem - Icons8 have just released a free tool for opening .sketch files in Windows:
You can copy CSS of any object and copy plain text for any text layer.
We plan to implement for features soon.
The .SKETCH extension relates to Sketch ( If you're on a Mac, this is dead simple to download, and install.
If you're not on a Mac, Avocode and Zeplin claim to allow you to open the files on any OS, but I've had limited success (you'll have to Google the Application URLs, I don't have enough rep points, yet).
Failing that, Illustrator, Photoshop and GIMP are able to open the SVG and EPS files, and just about anything can open the PNGs.
I recommend Figma, I tried all app mentioned in other answers, Figma was the best for me.
Disclaimer: I do not work nor develop Figma.

How to add icon for different file type in sublime 2

I want to switch my text editor to Sublime text 2 but the only issue cant let me do it.
I work with big projects and need very quick to navigate between files. ST2 sidebar doesnt support icon packs on such files .css, .html, ,php, .js etc. I found some article where the one guy explains how to do that - I tried it but nothing happens. I tried do changes on the user-settings file. I suppose I do something wrong
If somebody knows how to do this please help
The newest stable version of Sublime Text 3 has sidebar themeing and many themes (not colour schemes) have added support for custom icons.
So upgrade to this:
and then either use the default theme, or something like Soda theme to get custom sidebar icons.
For ST3 users. Adding icons for different file types and folders to default theme:
Download archive with icons. Or this one.
Go to Preferences > Browse Packages (In Windows find the Browse packages button to open the packages folder)
Copy(extract) folder from archive to packages folder. If you already have a
Theme - Default folder then just merge them.
Done. Thanks to Xavi Esteve

android: get files icons saved in the system itself

I know the following happens in Windows [desktop]:
the system has an icon for each extension, and a default one for new ones.
When a new program is installed, it saves its icons to its extensions in the system [ex. upgrading Word 2007 to 2010 changes the icons for .docx files]
Now I want to know how to get those icons in android. I'm not sure if it follows the same scenario, BUT, i have a file explorer app which displays those icons. From my use of it, i know that those icons cannot be hard coded [except for the folder icon]. For example, after installing Tango, its icon took over the .ini files
My question is, How to get those icons? I'm kinda doing a file explorer app [that serves certain needs no other app does]
Android doesn't provide that functionality. You have either hard-code drawables for most-used file types into your application or download them from Internet.
You'd have to create your own icons, scan for the file types found, match those to some internal list and display the according icon (Drawable) in a Imageview in your ListView. Assuming you are using a ListView to display the files found here ofcourse.

how to extract all icons from some exe files and insert them to other exe files using Delphi?

I'm using Delphi.
I want to know how to extract (all) the icons from an exe file and insert them into another, preserving the order and the index of the icons.
I found some samples of Delphi code using Google but the problem is that it doesn't extract them all.
And I've found some compiled programs (exes) that do one or the other but not both.
Why do I need this: because I have to start some exe files (that have those icons) from virtualized applications. And I want to make some external exe files that have the same name and the same icons.
Thank you for your help.
The source is available for Colin Wilson's XN Resource Editor. It should have what you need.
Alternatively you have the Delphi sample 'ResXplor'. If it's not distributed in your version it's also avalaible to download here:
There was a similar question about extracting icons. PrivateExtractIcons gives you access to specific image sizes in an icon resource, but you need to know the sizes ahead of time, and Microsoft warns that this method is not for general use.
There is a working example of extracting the entire icon resource with all of the image sizes on Delphi Praxis. The example has a problem with 256 pixel images, so it would have to be tweaked to account for these.