PowerBuilder Datawindow (report) shows momentarily then disappears on retrieve - powerbuilder

We have a report that is designed to look like a two page form. Upon making changes needed by legal for the 2018 version of form the report shows momentarily after retrieve but then disappears. If you retrieve repeatedly it flickers and you can see the report but that's all.
Freeform datawindow.
Contains many computed fields with autosize-height, shift directly above enabled
Font size is mostly Arial Narrow size 9
Logo at top of report.
Designed to take exactly two 8.5 x 11" pages.
PowerBuilder 11.5.1 Build 5097 on Windows 7
Print Preview mode off
Header,Footer,Summary bands are not used
Detail band has height autosize-height turned on
Detail band in development mode is at about 18" and the maximum a column or text extends right is about 7.75"
Reduced print margins to 80 all around, Portrait, Paper size 8.5 x 11"
Things tried and/or hints:
If we insert a row into the datawindow (simulates adding a new contract) the datawindow report shows up fine and we can scroll from top to bottom.
The datawindow control is resizable with no border and is sized so that width accommodates the report but height requires scroll. Tried turning live scroll off/on with no changes
Experienced something similar in past, where inserting a row, then immediately deleting that row causes the "blanked" rows to show up. This solution works on tabular style datawindows with multiple rows.
Doing GroupCalc() after the retrieve as it sometimes solves odd things like this.
Resizing the datawindow control and re-retrieving while running app.
If anyone has solution, or suggestions on what to try please advise.

Answering myself- the problem wasn't one that you'd typically think of.
The datawindow querymode was turned on in PFC inadvertently causing the behavior.
Simply turning off the querymode solved this.


Codenameone: Textfield size and format getting changed after keyboard appered

I have developed an app using codename one.I have made registration form which having six textfield and a button.After focusing first textfield keyboard appears on screen then textfield size and formatting changes.I have attached screenshot.It was working fine but since 2 -3 days after updating libraries at the time of build those issues came in place.
Textfield size and formatting should remain original after keyboard appears.
Please help me to solve this issue???
A text field must be within a scrollable Y container otherwise you will experience undefined behavior that might work on some cases but fail on others. We need the scrollability so we can give room for the keyboard and resize the components.
It's possible that theming changes discussed here impacted your UI making it larger and effectively forcing this. Regardless of that the solution is still adding scrollablity.

Rave - Print band at the bottom of the page

I recently recreated a report (which was previously made with quickreports) in my rave project. The quickreport had a band on it and this band had the AlignToBottom property set to true which makes the band always print at the bottom of the page. How do i get the same effect using rave?
I tend to use a databand and set the position to absolute then measure how many cm down the page. Not ideal with different paper sizes etc but it works in a "controlled setting". Just make sure your region stops above the space allowed for the footer band or your details band may overlap the absolutely positioned band

Auto Sizing Labels in Qt

I'm developing a Qt application and it's currently in an internal beta test. One member of the company has Windows configured to display text larger than its normal size, which breaks my UI. The About page, for example, currently looks like this:
but under his settings, looks like this (note the clipped text):
Coming from a C#/Winforms background, I'm amazed that I can't seem to find some easily configurable label property such as Form.AutoSize that will automatically size the labels to fit their containing text. I've tried messing with sizePolicy, scaledContents, and a few other properties, but none seem to do this.
I've come across various threads (such as this one) which give instructions for scaling the text to the label, but I want to do the opposite - scale the label to the text to facilitate for those with enlarged text settings like my co-worker. Is there a straightforward way to do this?
There are at least three solutions to this problem.
Use layouts. Their contents are scaled according to the size of the window.
Make a code which is executed whenever window size is changed. In that code, you get the width of the longest text in the window (How?)(another way) and then set window wider than that.
Do the same as in solution #2, but execute the code only when the dialog is shown. After that, alter the window properties so that its size cannot be changed.

RDLC Report showing data on other page if data is more

I have a bill application in winforms using reportviewer and showing rdlc report in it, I have a main report and a subreport in it
now the problem is that when i have less than 40 items it shows the report fine, but if its more than that the data comes from next page, please see the reports and ourput
Main Report
Normal display when 25 records
When it is 40 records pg1
Second page
any help will be appriciated
try Unchecking Keep together on one page if possible option in Page break options.
I'm using vs2010, and it looks like you're in 08? so it might be a little different but I'll give it a try (mostly because I am looking for some help as well and I know how frustrating it is using this when there's not a lot of "quality" answers out there for specific problems).
In the subreport rdlc file, make sure that the "PageBreak" property (on the table containing your columns) isn't set to "start." I would just set it to "none."
What I believe that is happening is that it's moving it to the next page because it won't fit on the first page. what you can do to try to get around that is include everything on the main report in a rectangle (in the rectangle, set pagebreak = none, and keeptogether=true [I'm not sure if you actually want keeptogether=true... if it squeezes everything onto one page by resizing it set it to false]).
Hope I helped

combo box drop down is not working even after I changed the height in designer

I am trying to give a fix for a combo box drop down list, since its not listing down properly .Only one item is being shown in the list rest all you can see by using arrow keys. I increased the height in designer too, anyways that is not the issue, why because its listing down in some machines and the same version is not working on my machine. I used the DDX_Control to assign this control to a variable.
Do we need to consider any other things which can impact the drop down list??
environment : vs2008, windows 7
May be I didn’t explain the problem in the right manner. After some google search, I came to know that I should mention some more points here.
I embed this combobox in a dialog editor, there are already some comboboxes those are working fine.
They might be created with the earlier versions of VS. Even I tried to set the SetMinVisibleItems on this new combo, but always returns a failure.
The height of a dropped down combobox is indeed the height of the control in the dialog template. If you make your combobox tall enough in the designer, then it should show several lines when opened.
According to what you did, the correct behaviour is the other computers. The wrong behaviour is your computer.
No, there are no other things to consider when designing a combobox. Ues your debugger and try to find out why the height of your combobox was reduced on your computer.
That can happen if the No Integral Height combobox property is set to true, and the height of the listbox component of the combobox has been inadvertently set to that of the combobox component.
The dialog designer allows you to set both of these two heights. Click on the dropdown arrow icon and then the bottom node then adjusts the listbox component. Change that height to be what you want, and set No Integral Height to be false.
This doesn't explain why it works on other machines, but give it a try.