Hybridauth - Windows Live stopped importing contacts - hybridauth

I'm not sure when it started, but Windows Live stopped returning contacts. Updating to version 2.10 did not help. The raw response for getUserContacts (Live.php) returns:
object(stdClass)#10 (1) { ["data"]=> array(0) { } }
Any clue/suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Open e-mail application from ionic 2

I want to open the default e-mail client from an ionic 2 app.
I read that using the url scheme 'mailto:' should work. But for some reasons in my application it only works on android but not on iOS.
mailto(email) {
this._platform.ready().then(() => {
open('mailto:'+email, "_system");
No errors are raised when the function is called but nothing happens either, whereas if I use an http URL the default browser opens as expected on both platforms.
You can do following:
mailto(email) {
this._platform.ready().then(() => {
let Link="mailto:someone#example.com?subject=Hello%20again";
window.open(Link, "_system");
Use this, you don't need a plugin for everything.
You could use the Email Composer plugin from Ionic Native

PouchDb.get(id,{attachments: true}) not returning data on Android

I am developing an Ionic App using PouchDb (No replication). I am able to store data with attachments successfully.
To retrieve the data, I use the controller snippet below to call the get function in an angularjs factory,
pouchDbManager.getData(currentSongIdx).then(function(result) {
if(result.sermon_favourite == 1) {$scope.favourited = 1}
The factory snippet is below
.factory('pouchDbManager', function($q) {
function getData(id){
return $q.when(_db.get(id,{attachments: true}));
The snippets above work perfectly in my chrome browser returning data and the expected attachment. But when I build the project and run it on my android device, no data is returned.
With a bit of console logging, I discovered the getData function in the factory wasn't returning data.
I also used pouchdb.get(id) and pouchdb.getAttachment(id, filename).
While both functions also worked optimally on Chrome, pouchdb.getAttachment failed to return expected attachment on my android device.
The attachment is stored in base64 and its about 10-15mb
Has anybody experienced this issue? Kindly help out
I am developing with Ionic, AngularJs, Pouchdb 5.3.1, Cordova, Android 4.4.2 with 2GB Ram.

Play Framework WS.url stuck forever

I've been banging my head against the wall debugging a production issue which I managed to downsize to the following side-test:
def test = Action.async { request =>
.map { response =>
Logger.debug("Got a response")
.recover {
case e : Throwable =>
Logger.error("error", e)
BadRequest("Couldn't open")
For some reason this never returns.
I don't see the debug print or the error. A timeout is set. I also tried setting the timeout via configuration. No difference.
Any suggestions?
Turns out this is an issue in the async-http-client used in Play.
I upgraded to async-http-client 1.8.14 and it solved the problem. (The newest version of Play Framework - 2.3.5 - Uses v1.8.8 in which the problem still exists).
Play Framework 2.3.5 uses async-http-client 1.8.14. Turns out the dependency for 1.8.8 was coming from ReactiveCouchbase.
See more details here in an issue I submitted:

Method not supported on this platform

I'm using forge.prefs.get to fetch a cached user token and it works fine in iOs and web. I'm using backbone.js to render everything.
In Android, I get this error when trying to use the same call:
[DEBUG] Native call prefs.get with task.params: {"key":"user"}
[DEBUG] Native call notification.hideLoading with task.params: {}
[INFO] --------- beginning of /dev/log/system
[DEBUG] Returned: {"content":{"message":"Method not supported on this platform","type":"UNAVAILABLE","subtype":null},"callid":"4B01A334-2DC4-4511-A029-2C9D9B131D8C","status":"error"}
This is what I get when running the emulator. If I compile an APK and install it the code simply fails silently and the user is stuck on the login screen.
This is the code I use to fetch the info about the user:
forge.prefs.get('user', function(user){ //success
if(user === null){
alert('USER not found');
var u = JSON.parse(user);
App.Utils.authToken = u.authentication_token;
And this is used to store the data:
forge.prefs.set('user', JSON.stringify(data), function(){},function(){});
Again, this works perfectly in iOS and web versions. Any ideas about why this happens?
I'm using android 4.4 on the emulator, Trigger toolkit version 2.1.3 and the prefs module is version 2.0
When using forge.prefs.set or forge.prefs.get, you don't need to stringify or parse the data. The data is automatically stored as a JSON object, so try changing your code to just:
forge.prefs.set( 'user', data );
And remove the JSON.parse(user); line too.

App engine connected Android app

Problem with the new App engine connected android application projects for the google eclipse plugin? This is the "Big Daddy" sample shown at goolge i/o 2011. My sample project compiles and the android app appears to work fine and registers with the server. However when I send a message from the server I get the following: Having issue with sample project. Android appears to work fine and registers with the server and the c2dm server, however I cannot send a message.
Also of note on the server is a c2dmconfig datastore object. It has fields for authToken and c2dmUrl. The authToken has a token, however the c2dmUrl is NULL. I suspect this is where my problem lies, but not sure how to fix it.
Thanks Patrick
I found this question by wondering the same thing, if the c2dmUrl being null is a problem. It would seem that this is not an issue though. If you look at the C2DMConfig (the entity that you are referencing), there is a function called "getC2DMUrl". Here it is:
public String getC2DMUrl() {
if (c2dmUrl == null) {
} else {
return c2dmUrl;
So null is a supported value for this. If a specific URL isn't specified, it simply returns it to the default.