Appeon PowerBuilder2017 R2 Configuration - powerbuilder

Every time I try to configure appeon PowerServer it keeps on saying "Failed to connect to PowerServer 'Local PowerServer'! Please verify that the settings are correct. Does anyone here know how to fix these errors? I have try searching it still no luck. Thanks in advance!

Please try to access http://localhost/ and see if you can get to the IIS welcome page; If you can get to the IIS welcome page, please try to access http://localhost/AEM and see what you will get.
You can report any PB bugs to the Appeon Standard Support portal at Bugs reported there will be responded with higher priority. And it’s now a free resource for all customers (purchased or not), so you may take advantage of it.
Appeon Support


2003 SagePay Error Code

We are getting the following error message from SagePay. I have tried to research the error code but could not find anything relevant.
Can anyone shed some light on what this error is? (We are using Salesforce with Steelbrick to take the payment)
Sage Pay Error Code Image
This is usually an authorization problem (it doesn't manifest itself very well from the Sage Pay side). It may be a problem with your MID - I recommend contacting Sage Pay to get as much information as you can, then contacting your acquiring bank.

Can't create a new user on a app

I'm trying to create a new user on using iOS, and it succeeds (at least it shows up in the console) but I also get an error: Kinvey Ertror Code = 406, "Device token is empty".
Can someone please explain what that means, and how to get around it?
We have a thread on the Kinvey forums that has been set up to address this issue. We are tracking it over here:
We have patched this issue and are awaiting user feedback of the new SDK.
I had the same problem..
I was using kinvey 1.40.3 -> did an update: "pod update" in the terminal to 1.40.4
since then it is working for me

Can't connect to Office 365 in Android

First of all, sorry for my English.
Well, I'm trying to log in to microsoft account with android, I use the github example that provide Microsoft ( I follow all the steps but in the end when I try to connect with my account the server throws an exception.
SERVER_ERROR:2016-01-28 11:05:38-cc63876c-3c31-48aa-9847-513381e09296-IOException: ver:1.1.7
I can't find any information about this problem. Someone knows what is happening?
Thanks for all.
The IOException could be caused by a number of situations.
Let's see if we can come up with more information:
Were you able to see the login page and provide credentials?
What happens if you open a browser in your device and go to
Can you share some of the logs before and after the error?
Thanks ricalo, in this case, the IOException is throwing because the email account what I'm using is a MSA account (Managed Service Accounts) instead of an Office 365 account.

Error exporting to PDF (RPC server is unavailable)

First of all, sorry for my English, it's not my first language.
I have a problem testing my C++ Builder 2007 applications in a Windows 8 HP tablet, when I try to export a Crystal Reports archive to PDF. It works in two computers with the same operating system, but in the tablet it shows the following error: "System Error. Code: 1722. The RPC server is unavailable"
The code is simple, as it seen:
crystal->ExportOptions->FileType = AdobeAcrobatPDF;
crystal->ExportOptions->FileName = this->archivo;
I try changing the process from Export() to Print(), and the result is the same. Whereas a random third party program exports correctly.
I have found some answers on the Internet, but they don't help me. I already have running the print spooler and RPC/WMI services like they sais in The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) and other websites. I have disabled the firewall and change the registry like said in the Microsoft link from (although it's all in local, even the tablet isn't in the network) and I'm using an administrator local account. Can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.
In the end, it was the setting previous to exporting:
crystal->Printer->Orientation = orLandscape;
Without that line, it works.

Apigee - Api Portal: deployed environments have vanished

Since a few days ago, my Apigee Api Portal is showing this error:
No server entry found with ID 9acb068f-906b-4e97-88ae-f3f25d00abfa
I also noticed my deployed environments (test, prod) have disappeared, but oddly enough the API URL associated to those environment are still active and working as expected. So I believe is an interface error: interface shows no deployed environment, but besides that, all works perfectly.
Any try to re-deploy the environment produce an "Operation failed" error. doesn't show any problem.
Any clue about what's going on here?
Can you please let us know your 'organization' name to isolate the issue? You can email with details about your org.