PowerBuilder Datawindow Crashes when Opening - powerbuilder

I've been working on a payroll system right now and been modifying a ledger type datawindow. Suddenly, after testing the data the powerbuilder crashes...
What i have done is uncheck the "Remember the retrieval argument" but to no avail. Every time im opening the datawindow, the application crashes.
what fix can I use?

Maybe some of the programmer here who are new to powerbuilder might be asking this but to solve this problem, you have to delete the datawindow registry key in regedit. the key is located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Sybase/Layout/Default
There you will see at least 9 registry key. Close you powerbuilder IDE and then delete the Datawindow key. Open you PowerBuilder IDE again and it should get rid of the Datawindow crashing down.


Powerbuilder-Cannot create new datawindow

I have problem with powerbuilder 12 build 5530. I can't to create new datawindow. After I click New->Datawindow->tabular or etc. The Window closed but after that there is not creating new datawindow. I also can't open properties of target sample. What is the problem with my installation? i've tried to re-install but the problem still same. Please help me...
PS: sorry for bad english.
What happens to a datawindow external ?, if not, then it can be a problem in some dll of connection to the database.
This can be caused by problems with the path setting on your machine. The path has a maximum length and once you hit it you can start having problems. A corrupted path will also cause problems. Rather than telling you what you need in the path I suggest you uninstall PowerBuilder then clean up your path. Often I find the same directories listed two or 3 times. Also make sure all of the directories in the path are valid and that the syntax is correct. After your path is clean reinstall PowerBuilder.

PhpMyAdmin direct console (like SQLyog)

We now have to use PhpMyAdmin for all database access but I've always used software like SQLyog or the database console within PhpStorm.
I'm finding PhpMyAdmin to be very clumsy and it slows down my workflow. Is there any way to get PhpMyAdmin to mimic SQLyog or PhpStorm? Is there an API for console-like access?
I don't know SQLyog or PhpStorm at all, but if you're looking for console-like access there's a small "Console" button in the bottom corner of the phpMyAdmin screen which brings up a sort of console which may help you. Also the SQL tab gives you an interface to directly enter SQL queries; though it's not really in a console-like way.

Creating a relationship in phpMyAdmin using visual designer results in a blank popup window

I'm trying to build relationships between tables using the visual designer. When I try to create a relationship I select the referenced and foreign keys as instructed to but instead of the relationship being created a small popup appears with nothing in it.
I am running the latest (4.0.5) version of phpmyadmin through Xampp over localhost. The same thing happens on Chrome and IE. Any ideas how to fix this?

SQLite option missing from Data Explorer

I am creating an application with Delphi XE3 (Ultimate Edition) that will utilise an embedded SQLite database. I watched various videos in relation to it and I noticed that my Data Explorer did not match that of the video. At first my Data Explorer was empty, all that was there was dbExpress. I've also tried re-running the installer several times and DataSnap, DBXPool, DBXTrace, IBToGo and InterBas appeared, but it was not because of the installation re-run. Anyway, what can I do to get the SQLite option to appear for me?
This is currently what my Data Explorer looks like:
Check dbxdrivers.ini and dbxconnections.ini for dbexpress configuration. You may need to add an entry for Sqlite dbexpress configuration.

Delphi: How to create a Windows autostart application like Skype does?

I'd like to add an option to my application similar to the Skype's option "run Skype as my computer starts".
Skype doesnt't go on the "Auto start applications" of the start menu folder, I'd like to have the same effect.
Note, one answer to this question suggets to add a key here:
but I checekd on my machine and Skype is not there, so another way is used.
Skype installs via a registry entry, but it's in HKEY_CURRENT_USER , not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
This allows Skype to be installed or not on a per-user basis. Using HKLM will autostart for ALL users.
If you type "msconfig" into the run window and look at the startup tab you can see where "everthing" starts from in the Location column.
I don't use skype but my guess would it's in the registry in
You just need to add a registry entry for your app in there (and delete it if the user unticks the box)
you can use the TRegistry class to help you reading and writing to the registry.
See this question. The question is about C#, but it only involves writing a registry value. It will be easy to convert it for Delphi.
Just run msconfig and select startup tab. You'll see the applications along side the registry key used.
Oddly, when I run regedit without elevation don't see the value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Skype also. But if I run it elevated then the value is there (I guess that Windows is playing registry redirection).