how to disable copy paste functionality to single line editor in powerbuilder - powerbuilder

I need to disable copy/paste functionality for a single line editor in power builder.
I tried keyShift! and KeyControl! to null the clipboard data when the user is trying to paste. but didn't work it.

To disable the Copy functionality, define the Single-line edit as Password.
Of course, this will hide the content of that field, but it is most probably what you want to achieve, as I cannot imagine another reason to want to diable the 'copy' functionnality.
Similarly, to avoid the Paste possibility, define it as Display only.
You can also play programmatically with those options.


How do I add copy action on a flutter textfield

I'm trying to reproduce an application written in java on Android, using Flutter.
The thing I am stuck on is how to allow the user to copy from a read only TextField. Sadly I cannot find an answer in google.
In the old android app, the user inputs some criteria, the input is processed, and results output in a read only text field. If the user presses down on the read only text field, a copy/share context menu pops up, along with text anchors to mark the selection they want to copy. Standard stuff.
I have reproduced the rest of the application, up to the point of outputting the result in a read only TextField. But I just cannot work out how to implement the text anchor copy functionality.
I could really do with some pointers where to look for the solution.
While I don't think there's a way to do 100% exactly what you want (see the link from the comment on the flutter issue for text not being selectable), there is a workaround that may do what you need.
What you could do instead of having them use the normal long press to select the text directly, is to have a button (or simply have them long press and automatically copy & show a toast/snackbar to tell them you have copied something) that copies the text.
You can then use flutter's Clipboard to set the data to the system clipboard.
There's also the share plugin which may do what you want, but once again only for the entirety of the text rather than a part of it, unless you want to implement your own custom text selection...

Is there a way to edit previously saved with PESDK photo?

The use case is the following:
for instance I added a text on an image. Saved the image. And now I want to edit this text. I am looking for a solution to open this image with a text in an editor with a possibility to make this text editable. In general, I need to do the same not only with the text.
What I thought about the way to implement such behavior is it would be good if there is some list of the operations applied to the particular image. And also a way to make editor apply these operations again and to have editing components active and available for editing
You can achieve this behavior by utilizing the serialization feature. More information about that is available at for iOS and for Android.

Is it possible to change key bindings in Sublime Text dynamically from a plugin?

Is it possible to change key bindings in Sublime Text dynamically from a plugin or from the console, like in Vim?
A related question: is it possible to choose a keymap file based on the current keyboard layout?
I'd say it's possible, but in a non-standard manner. You will have to create a custom .sublime-keymap file that your package will manage completely by it's own by writing/reading to/from it.
On your second question: no, it's not possible to even get what type of layout is currently active.

How would i create a second sidebar in Sublime text

What I want is to have a second sidebar that will show me three lines of the text of the file, which will save me having to open it.
This is a feature that Evernote has:
The area pointing to "snippets" is the feature that i want. I would find it so helpful if Sublime had this.
I have searched and I am fairly sure this doesnt exist. So I am wanting to make it myself. So here are my questions;
Which file ultimately governs the existence of the existing sidebar?
Would this be a package or a plugin? (Im guessing package), and if it is a package, would it be default or user?
Is it actually possible to have a second sidebar (or similar), and if so how can i get it to sit to the right of the existing sidebar?
Any other advice on how to go about creating this would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
I'm not sure if creating another sidebar is possible nor have I seen any package to do so.
On the other hand, you can do alt+shift+2(set_layout) I don't know what the buttons are for OSX. You can find it in Default keymap settings. You can copy that to user keymap, edit the arguments values and bind it to whatever keys you want.
What it will do, is create another window in sublime where you can open other tab with data you wish to have in there.
You can also use alt+shift+number, to create more than 2 windows with up to 4. If you wish to do the windows in horizontal position, you can use number 8 and number 9.

How to replace entered characters in any application?

My goal/problem:
I want to write android application that allows user to replace some characters to another in input text. This application should work with all existing apps.
When I write text message I want to have possibility to replace all polish diacritics to their equivalents (ó to o, ż to z, ś to s and so on).
My solutions:
Poor but feasible:
I write text in my application then copy text and paste in text message application. But it is quite inconvenient due to this copying.
I write text already in destination application the copy all text to clipboard and paste it back. I have application running in background to handle clipboard that changes this text. Also quite inconvenient.
Better but I am not sure if possible:
I write some kind of proxy to InputMethodService and when user write text using software keyboard with this proxy he gets modified text back. Is it possible to write something like that?
I add some option to TextView object. When I long tap on any textview I get menu that allows to select InputMethod (change software keyboard) and edit text (copy, mark, paste etc.) Is there way to add my option say "replace characters" to this menu?
Again I don't want this to work only within my application but with all installed application.
You should write your own keyboard. Check the samples for the SoftKeyboard example that comes with the SDK. The user can then enable your keyboard and will be able to use it in all apps.