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When using a picture control on a appeon mobile web, how do you determine that the picture name url is returning a 404 error, file not found error?
Example code line: p_picture.picturename = "http://myurl.org/picture.jpg"

Please try the GetUrl function of the inet object. You can find the string "404 - File or directory not found" in the return content if the 404 error occurred.
Please refer to the simple PB case below for details.


Failing to post content with rebrandly links to LinkedIn

I noticed that posting to LinkedIn via API and web fails when the content has a rebrandly short link in it. I've tried other short link providers, and they all work fine.
For example, I can't post to https://www.linkedin.com/feed/ when my post contains https://rebrand.ly/ooz9t, but if I change the rebrandly link to https://rebrandly/ooz9t the post succeeds (of course, now the short link is invalid). When I try posting through LinkedIn's API, I get the following error:
(403): com.linkedin.restli.client.RestLiResponseException: Response status 403, serviceErrorMessage: Urls submitted doesn't pass ucv validation: [http://rebrand.ly/ooz9t]
Can anybody help me with decoding this LinkedIn error? Does LinkedIn not support rebrandly links?
Thanks in advance!

301 http response on uploading file from android AndroidAsyncHttp to django

can someone help me . tried to upload file from android using AndroidAsyncHttp api to django , but getting http exception "pemanently moved exception" 301 . this process worked locally but when uploading site to production it didnt work and the request method is redirected to the same url
I finally got it working, For any one who will face the problem later . This is what i did.
The url to which post request was submitted included the www.
as : http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/setPost/
also the
on the django setting file i did the following to the allowed-host
i also exempted the csrftoken by ; #exempt_csrf

Connect to remote server in android

i have developed an android applcation. (with volley) i have a webservice and currently its on my localhost. (using xampp)
My url strings in my AppConfig class as following:
public class AppConfig {
// Server user login url
public static String URL_LOGIN = "";
// Server guide details url
private static String URL_GET_GUIDE_PROFILE = "";
now i have moved my php files to a remote server using filezilla. its a managed wordpress hosting. my domain is something like this,
i cant figure out the urls of my files now. i have tried,
but nothing works. i get this error message
E/Volley: [219] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 404 for
filezilla shows the path of my files like this,
any help would be appreciated!
Use postman Google Chrome plugin to check End points(APIS). Then you will come to know what exactly root cause.
Postman tutorial
figured it out. i had to move my files inside the /home/html folder in my remote server.

How to play video from remote URL in android?

I am New to android my intention is to play video using Http.
But i am getting "Http Request Failed 404" Exception when iam trying to run my application in emulator.
can any one know this error?
plz help me Thanks in advance.
404 normally means the URL cannot be found.
What is the exact URL & have you tried to play that URL in software like mplayer or VLC?
404 error means it can not find the video file on the URL that you provided.
perhaps you have given a wrong URL?

Request for Request Token from Intuit IPP gives permission denied

I am doing this on my local development site without problems. But when I try to setup a new connection to a QuickBooks file from my live site, I get a permission denied error.
Here is the error returned: "Post https://oauth.intuit.com/oauth/v1/get_request_token: permission denied"
Here are the request headers
OAuth oauth_consumer_key="MY_KEY",
Here is the request body:
---- EDIT ----
The response is nil altogether, I am getting an error from my Go code on:
response, err := client.Do(request)
Which is why I have added a couple of tags to this question (go and google-app-engine) to try and broaden my audience. I am pretty sure that the error is in the way that my OAuth library is sending the request. I am using this library: https://github.com/kurrik/oauth1a, which has been working just fine on my local development site, but gives me the "permission denied" error when I make the call from my live site. I think there is some difference in the way that the development app engine server creates the request from the way the live engine does, but I am not sure exactly what.
Any ideas?
Eureka! I figured it out! And thank you, Manas, I would not have found this solution without that last link you gave. For anyone who is wondering: I had to create a custom http.Client using the appengine.urlfetch library. Once I figured that out, the solution was simple, I just had to change one line of code that created the client into this:
client := urlfetch.Client(appengine.NewContext(r))
Problem solved!