Sometimes Datawindow is not Updating - powerbuilder

Actually I created a datawindow and set the update properties and I am importing a text file to that datawindow and when I am trying to update the datawindow but it is showing some error message like Authentication Violation.
But that error is not always showing, sometimes it shows and some times it updates.
Is there any particular reason that it is showing the error message like this?
Please tell me that what has to be done for this.
Thanks in Advance.


Lightning input field wont re render

When a Validation error occurs based on a dependent field the field remains highlighted as having an error even though it ends up being submitted successfully. The error highlighting only disappears, when an update is made in the field.
Is there a way to perform and update or refresh to ensure all field states are updated.
I have tried $A.get('e.force:refreshView').fire(); with no success.

Invalid argument error when scrolling across a cxgrid

I have a delphi form with a cxgrid on it. The cxgrid is connected to a datasource/query which is looking at a database table.
When running the application and I scroll across the grid, the application crashes and displays the following error message.
EVariantInvalidArgError with message 'Invalid Argument'.
Beside the CellDoubleClick event, there is nothing else happening on the grid.
Has anyone come across this before? If so can you advise anything?

TextInputLayout not showing error message after clearing

I am using TextInputLayout from
When I first apply an error it is shown correctly.
On the next login attempt I clear the error.
Then I run the validation and set the error again using the same code as above but this time the red line is applied but the error text is missing.
Anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening or have experienced similar situations?
I saw something similar reported here but it is for an older version of the design library and don't know if it is still a issue in the verison I am using,
You simply has to do these steps:
for clearing:
repeat the first step to set a new error. setError(null) clears the error message and icon, so I think the view to show is simply gone and setErrorEnabled(false) will reset it.
You are clearing the Error Message String:
So when you rerun the validation, you will get a blank string.
If you want the error message to go away, clear the erroneous text from the textview:

FastReport4: Refresh Dataset

My Report.ShowPreparedReport didn't recognize a new addition to my frxDBDataset.
So, I was building 1 report using TfrxDBDataset linked to a TVirtualTable.
Previously only 10 fields stated in Report1.fr3 and it works well.
I do the SaveAs from Report1.fr3 to Report2.fr3 in designer mode
Get back to my Delphi and add 1 new field "tec" in my TVirtualTable
Go back again in ReportDesigner (file Report2.fr3) and see that my new "tec" field is listed in Data tree.
Add the "tec" field to the report.
Preview while on designer and it was normal.
Run the program and call to preview report, it says "field 'tec' cannot be found" or something like that.
Anyone got solution?
Please Try.
When you clear aliases then call Designer
FastReport automatically updates aliases.
That was the perfect solution for me.

Microsoft SQL Server not letting me open .bak

I am taking a class and our instructor gave us a file to download called cs.bak and its supposed to be formatted for the version of SQL we are using. So I downloaded the one for Microsoft SQL Server.
Well I tried to do the restore but when I get to the part that I choose device and locate the file cs.bak it loads and now I am suppose to be able to choose destination. Well after I choose destination I do not have the OK button to go through with the restore.
On these instructions
If you count the window screens. I can only get as far as the 6th screen.
I am suppose to do this, "Some questions will ask you to write out query results from a database. In order to answer these questions you will need to have the example database available to you."
Well I can't open it to do this. Any help would appreciated. Thank you.
Check this:
This checkbox might be unchecked - and then the [OK] button remains disabled...
This seems to be a Windows Layout issue. To resolve this, reset the SSMS Window Layout by selecting from the main menu Window -> Reset Windows Layout.