Is there any option for Scroll Or Marquee the Label Control in PowerBuilder12.6 & 10.5? - powerbuilder

Do anyone knows about Scroll or Marquee the Label Control in PowerBuilder 10.5 & 12.6?
Is it possible to do Scroll the text?
Thanks In Advance.


Move edit text from center of the layout to top of the layout android using animation

I'm trying to do an animation in android, which is an Edit text is placed in the middle of the view. When I focus that text box it should animate to the top of the view and should be enabled to type my username from there. When I focus out that edit text it should come for its initial stage. In short, this will be a kind of animation which is similar to Uber Login. Please, anyone, help me out. Thanks in advance.

eclipse android scroll to bottom EditText

I want to scroll the edittext to the bottom after editing the text.
I found nothing what could answer my question,
so can you help?

Auto scrolling TextView in Android widget?

I have a widget that displays some text from the web. Sometimes this text runs longer then the widgets height causing the text to be cut off. Is there a way so that if the text is to long to fit vertically in the widgets space it will auto scroll to show the entire message?
Are you looking for something like a Scroll View?

Android - How to simply make a scrolling text from left to right

how do i make a scrollable very long text that scrolls from left to right
-I managed to make a scrolling textview by setting ellipsize="marquee" and making it always focusable but i need the text to be scrolling to the right not to the left
if you have any suggestions your help will be very appreciated.
You could use the scroll methods to make the scrollbar go to the far right when the activity starts.

How To Scroll a TStringGrid dynamically?

I am working in the Borland C++Builder IDE, using VCL controls. I am trying to get a TStringGrid component to scroll down to a row and highlight that row, based on user input in a different form. I have the highlight portion done, but I can't figure out how to scroll the grid down to the correct row. Anyone here know?
Set the TopRow property.