PowerBuilder print scaling issue when Windows 10 is set for 125% scaling, but no scaling issue with 150%. Why? - powerbuilder

PowerBuilder 10.2
Some datawindow print has scaling issues with Windows 7/10 scaling 125%,
but no scaling issues with scaling 150%. Most of the print scaling has no issues.

PowerBuilder apps are not 'DPI Aware'. They cannot tell what the setting is. That being said, the scaling of DataWindow reports is dependent on the current printer.
PowerBuilder 10.2 is from 2005, have you thought about upgrading to the latest version?
The official forum is https://community.appeon.com/index.php/qna/q-a


Scroll Wheel in Delphi 7 with CodeRush

One casualty of my brief dalliance with Delphi 2010 and subsequent return to using Delphi 7 was my acceptance of the wheel-scrolling behaviour in Delphi 7 with CodeRush installed.
The scroll wheel scrolls horizontally in that environment, which I've accepted for all these many years. But it sure was nice to have vertical scrolling while in D2010. Now, I wonder if there is any 'fix' to achieve the 'natural' scroll direction in my environment. Any old CodeRush/D7 users out there with a solution?
I work on a development team that uses Delphi 7 and CodeRush and to my knowledge none of us have experienced this problem. I am currently on Windows 7, but I've used D7 and CodeRush on XP and Vista also. I've also used two different machines in that time frame.
Are you sure the combination of software is causing the problem? If you uninstall CodeRush are you able to scroll vertically? Is it possible the problem is hardware related, i.e. some sort of weird driver issue?
I'm on Delphi 7.0 Build 8.1 and CodeRush 7.04d Professional.

How to make Delphi XE2 look good on 4k monitor with 200% text size?

I have the new Dell XPS 15 Kaby Lake version with 3840x2160 resolution and text size set to 200%. Now, the Delphi XE2 looks terrible, some parts:
or I tried to set various settings via it's shortcut in Properties->Compatibility, I also tried to search the internet, but I only found that people care about the look of their applications, but our application looks well. Problem is only with the Delpi XE2 loooking so bad it's unusable on my laptop.
Any help how to easily fix it?
EDIT: I have Windows 10 installed.
Ok, I fixed it without help from internet by trying various settings of the shortcut:
It was needed to disable "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" and also to enable "Combatibility mode" and set it to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)", both settings were needed together, the program loads very slowly now, but good enough and the GUI is displayed perfectly.

TeeChart Lite FMX (RAD Studio XE8) anti-aliasing artifacts

I’ve got an issue with TeeChart Lite (RAD Studio XE8, FireMonkey).
Grid width is ONE, but because of anti-aliasing, it became so fat.
I managed to hack it: when coordinates are (0.5, 0.5) averything is okay…
Looks good. But the hack works in designer only: in actual application nothing changes. Actually, the first image was shot with this hack.
Is there a way to fix it? Is it a hardware problem? Got an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphic card.

Delphi 6 support for toolbar and menu icons with alpha channel transparency

We have a legacy application developed in Delphi 6 (yes, I know this is an ancient IDE now), which we are trying to update to look more modern. We have added in a Manifest and now have it using version 6 Windows controls and taking on the Windows Visual Theme (all good).
However, when trying to replace the old 4 bit toolbar and menu icons with True Colour with Alpha Channel (32 bit) transparency we have hit a problem. It appears that Delphi 6 only supports transparency based on the bottom left pixel colour (http://delphi.about.com/od/delphitips2007/qt/timage_transp.htm) and does not support more modern alpha-blended transparency. This is causing an issue, as all the graphics we have had created are in this format and do not look good when added to the toolbar due to anti-aliasing creating a fringe effect (in the background colour on which they were created, transparent becomes white in this case) around them.
I have been scouring the internet for hours trying to confirm whether or not Delphi 6 does or can be made to support these image formats, but, as Delphi 6 is so old now, I am only finding references to Delphi 7 and above.
Can anyone confirm whether what we are trying to achieve is possible or if there are any workarounds for this apparent limitation? Please note that upgrading to a newer version of Delphi is not an option for this particular project due to limited budget and time.

Delphi, application scaling, Windows 7

Good day everyone.
I have a problem with Delphi 7 application being used for Windows 7.
It works perfect for older windows like XP, but on Win7 the form is scaled to higher dpi which completely breaks everything on the form.
So, my question - is there a way to fix it to work correctly on win7, or to somehow completely disable scaling?
I tried to search, but couldn't find anything that would work for me, and I would really appreciate your help.
I saw this phenomenon (as a hired consultant) on XP with Large Fonts on a (then) big 22" about 2003: Buttons on an MS C++ application disappeared to the right outside the form. At the time, the developers (500 kms away) had never seen this phenomenon before.
I recently solved similar problem in my D7 by:
Setting large fonts on the old developer machine and fiddling with
the (rather medium) form size to accomodate visible components.
However, setting large fonts made the old win2000 crash and never
completely recover...
On more modern machine (XP with D7), I set a Scaling property to
False on Form1 with good results, i.e. the fonts were smaller. The
program(s) in question run on a couple of wall mounted touchscreen
PCs preinstalled Win7 with incredibly large fonts (because it's a
I can't find out a better method than to temporarily set Silly Large Fonts on one's developer machine and see what happens. (I see there are many related questions here now!...)