Can I connect a physical Wear OS device to an emulated Android device? - android

I've found this official guide that looks like it's what I need, but I'm not sure how to then connect it to an emulated Android device.
For context, I've been following this guide to adding a simple Wear OS module to my project. I don't have a physical Android device easily available, but I do have a Wear OS device.
Is this possible? Or should I try this method of linking two emulated devices?


Android emulator that supports Bluetooth

Do you guys know of an Android emulator that supports Bluetooth?
If none, then are there any that can use a Bluetooth USB dongle?
Android emulator does not have bluetooth capabilities, as mentioned in the SDK's docs and several other places
Refer to this documentation:
I am also developing an app with BT, unfortunately, the Android studio emulator does not support BT. You should use real device.
As also discussed here:
How to use android emulator for testing bluetooth application?

Creating emulator for Zebra mobile computers- Handheld device

I am creating an app for Zebra mobile computer TC25/TC20 for scanning barcodes.
For this after installing Emdk for Zebra I am able to see the EMDK api, but system image is not available to create Emulator.
Can anyone please help me to get these system image file for Zebra devices.
The images are not available for any of the Zebra mobile computers and you need to develop on a physical device, at least when you come to integrate with the EMDK library. Some people develop their applications to run on both Zebra & non-Zebra devices which would allow you to develop as much as possible on an emulator and move to a physical device only when you work on scanner integration (one example of doing something similar is my app at

Application is force closed on virtual device

Here is the live problem :
I'm using the Genymotion software to emulate the android device. The connection is a Bridged network through the Wi-Fi adapter.
The application is the .apk for the emulated Daydream controller, it should be connected to Unity to emulate a working Daydream controller.
What I would like to know, is how can I debug the force close here, and know what's going wrong. And possibly if anyone else ever ran through the same issue using apps that communicate through the network.
This is what Google states in their official VR SDK documentation :
A physical Android device running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.

How to Test Android Wear App With Both Devices

I am new to Android programming. I am developing a wearable application. So far, I have a mobile and wear module. All I want to test is that a button on the handheld app triggers a notification to appear on the wearable device.
To test it, I have both physical devices (Watch and Mobile). I have the LG Watch R and an Android mobile device. I have ADB debugging enabled on both devices. I downloaded the Android Wear app on my handheld and it syncs fine with the watch. I have both devices connected to my laptop through USB.
How do I test the whole project?
Do I have to run the mobile module first and then the wear module? I tried researching Google's examples but they only explain a handheld connected to a wear emulator.
Any help would be hugely appreciated.
It doesn't matter which is loaded on first unless you are debugging. If you're just monitoring Logcat then you can switch between the two devices fairly easily in Android Studio.
You don't need to rebuild each of the separate modules each time either. For example, if you make changes to the handheld module and not the wear module then you only have to build the handheld.

Is Android Wear device used Bluetooth to connect to Android Phone device over the air?

Followed Android Wear GUIDE.
People noted this :
The Android Wear Preview app is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher and is not available for the Android emulator.
This thing may be indicated that it will use Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE, to establish connection between Android Wear device - Wrist Watch, and Android mobile devices since BLE technology only be available on Android 4.3 or higher, and not available on Android Emulator. But I am not sure.
Currently I know this to connect Android Wear Emulator with Android Phone device :
Connect your device to your development machine over USB.
But I wonder that when Wrist Watch device with real Android Wear SDK was released,
It will be used what's thing to connect to Android Mobile device?
Please tell me,
p/s : If I am right, it also means the Android Mobile devices can connect to Wrist Watch will be limited since not most of Android Mobile devices always support BLE technology.
Long story short: No-one knows for sure.
Long story long: Your observations point to BLE, and looking at the emulator we can also find pieces of information pointing to a bluetooth-based connection.
But until Google releases more information on how things are going to be, we cannot say anything for sure yet.