Android like Textfield Validation in Flutter? - android

I would like to achieve Android like TextField validation in Flutter.
I tried the TextField docs of Flutter and the InputDecoration has a property of errorText but is displays error at the bottom of textfield. I want to achieve something like below in Flutter

You Need to use TextFormField instead of TextField. You can not apply validation directly on TextFeild you need FormFeild<T> for that. YOu can apply validation on your FormFeild as follow -
// The validator receives the text the user has typed in
validator: (value) {
if (value.isEmpty) {
return 'Please enter some text';
For more details follow the Flutter Docs link
I hope its work for you. Thank you

You can customize this type of error by using overlay widget. Error can be shown with overlay widget and that error icon can be changed using inputDecoration of TextField.
Here is the link for understanding overlay widget--

I think you are talking about ToolTip
You can use this library or Go through Flutter doc
new Tooltip(message: "Hello ToolTip", child: new Text("Press"));
you can use the library super_tooltip #


How do you programatically remove (not disable) a button from TinyMCE?

I can disable the table button using this:
but what I'm interested in is actually hiding it. Any idea on how to accomplish that?
Thank you!
First, you have to use the advanced theme.
Then, add this option in the TinyMCE init code.
theme_advanced_disable : "bold, justifyleft, justifyright"
I hope this might help someone.
list of elements' name here
I'm not familiar with TinyMCE myself, but since you appear to have javascript access to the element itself, all you need to do is set it's display property to "none".
document.getElementById("theButton").style.display = "none";
incase ur trying to hide a specific button, use the following code.
$('.mce_cut').hide() //hides cut button
lookup other button titles using firebug in case u wish to hide something specific.
Incase you are looking to hide specific editor's button, modifiy the jquery selector to select correct sibling/descendent.
alternately, try this ..
Note that ctl00_SPWebPartManager1_g_5005db96_e035_4197_a958_75f008b35061_ctl00_tbKeywords is my control's id. Don't bother about this if ur not using serverside textbox control. In case you are.. <% theTextBoxID.ClientID %> gets u that.
Use the following (using jQuery; a non-jQuery approch is easily built):
var elem = $('_'+'divId_table')

Ionic image overlay effect

Hi guys.
i need to create an image overlay effect as shown in the picture, is there anyone able to help me?
This looks like a task for the modal controller, with enabled backdrop(it's enabled by default),and custom css styling.
presentProfileModal() {
let profileModal = this.modalCtrl.create(Profile, { userId: 8675309 }, {showBackdrop: true, cssClass: 'my, css, classes' });
Profile is just another component/page. See example in the docs, you could put image data to tell controller which image you want to display.

React Native Multiline ReturnKeyType Bug

I've made a TextInput where multiline={true} . I wanted to stop the user from being able to enter a newline themselves, so I set returnKeyType={'done'}. However, the returnKeyType prop seems to be nonfunctional when the multiline prop is true. Is there a work around for this, or will I just have to wait until they patch this? I'm using an android phone and am on react-native version 0.44.0.
try to set blurOnSubmit aside from returnKeyType={'done'} and multiline

Couldn't find TextInput features documentation?

I'm new to react-native and having difficulty finding some features documentation regarding TextInput.
On react-native site it is mentioned about TextInput:
Props provide configurability for several features, such as
auto-correction, auto-capitalization, placeholder text, and different
keyboard types, such as a numeric keypad.
But I couldn't find documentation that explains these features auto-correction, auto-capitalization, placeholder text like what all the parameters they take? what are the deault values? are they required parameter? and how they exactly work.
Is there somewhere I can read about these features implementation?
I'm trying to set prop-types for these props and want to know what kind of data they expect?
First of all, when TextInput is rendered it displays the default keyboard(ios and android), in which autocapitalization of first letter is already defined.
In order to remove auto-capitalisation of first letter, you write the property like this:
autoCapitalize={false} />
Similarly, you can add properties like autoCorrect={false} if you need not auto correction of words.
Here are all the properties for TextInput you can use:

Creating a borderless textfield (Titanium studio Android)

I'm new to Titanium Studio. I would like to create a Textfield without border for Android. I saw there is a method for Ios, but didn't find any for android. Can any one please suggest me how can I create a textfield with no border for android. Thanks in advance.
It appears the current trick is to apply a transparent image on the Android platform. This also appears to work on IOs as well, though I imagine the the preferred option for IOS is to set borderStyle: Ti.UI.INPUT_BORDERSYLE_NONE
var myText = Ti.UI.createTextField({
backgroundImage: 'images/transparent.jpeg'