Is there any one help for custom tab layout with animation.I tried with various ways but its fail - android

Here is screen shot of custom tab layout
How to implement custom tab in android with animation
For reference I found this IOS library,How to create custom tablayout in android same like above library.


Make Tabbed Layout with Custom ActionBar?

I am trying to make custom profile page , Tabbed layout is embed within ActionBar , and Tabs can change both with sliding and click on other tab.
I just started playing with ActionBar , and didn't understood what are major differences between Sherlock / simple ActionBar.
Here is what i am trying to make right now:
Any Help in any form appreciated , There is no similar Github lib or helper code at net/SO , so i can't figure out how i should get started
You will need to use a TabLayout along with a ViewPager. These are standard controls. Google it or see here for an example of how to use it. ActionBarSherlock isn't used anymore. Instead we use a Toolbar.

Android swipe view custom tabs [closed]

I want to make an app in which you can swipe the fragments. The tab host should be at the bottom and instead of text I want some imageviews. Fragments should be selected by swipe or by clicking an image from the bottom. And if have have a lot of fragments I was wondering if I can add the tab host to a horizontal scrollview.
Any adivce?
Strongly recommending Jake Wharton's open project: Android ViewPageIndicator. Link is:
You can try the demo first. The demo link is:

How to integrate tabs inside a layout?

I would like to use the component tabs Android but within a layout. In fact, I would like the tabs is not sticking to my action bar in order to display information between.
Here is an example image of what I would get:
You can add tabs inside a FragmentTabHost
Here is a tutorial implementing this

How can I add tabs to a view outside the action bar?

I have a layout where I need tabs inside a sub-layout, not in the action bar. I.e., The tabs do not apply to the entire screen display, only to one of the panes.
How can I do this in Android 4.0+?
You can do this using the support library and a FragmentTabHost. Google has an example here. In your layout file you can embed the that's shown in the example inside another layout, such as a pane.
Another option is to use scrollable tabs. They also can be imbedded anywhere in a layout. Google gives a code example here. The view that you will imbed in your pane is the with a as it's subview. This example also has a sample project that you can download (the example project doesn't have the scrollable tabs imbedded inside another layout, but it's a good starting point).

How to create a TAB VIEW in Android Layout

How to create a tabview, I have gone through many blogs in which they specify that tabview widget is depreciated from lv 8 but i need to create a layout which i have attached below. Can anyone guide me to design a layout like this, such that if i click on weekly this view should be displayed and another activity for today button.
For implementing TabView you can use ActionBar . You can explore this ActionBarSherLock. Here is the example of this Android Working with Action Bar.
Rather than go running off to use ActionBarSherlock, simple standard stock Android offers a tutorial and an example project on its site here.
Familiarize yourself with Fragments and you should be good-to-go so long as you are comfortable already creating the layouts beneath each tab.