How to capture image from camera after user eye blink using android native? [on hold] - android

How to capture an image automatically from a camera without clicking a camera button in an android app


How to implement camera effect on image capture using camera api in android?

I am designing a camera app using camera api not camera2 api, which open back camera and on button click it capture image but does not show any effect as like my phone camera app. How can i implement effect when start capturing image it slightly zoom in and zoom out as android native camera app? Please help...
camera.takePicture(null, null, pictureCallback);

App Inventor, display image in Camera mode and start camera with the app?

I have begun to play a little bit with App Inventor 2 (to create a simple android app). However, after a lot of Googling, I can not find two things that I would like to do.
When the app starts, I want the camera to be started/opened immediately. I've found how to start the camera from a button in the app but not immediately when you start the app.
Add a picture in camera mode. When the camera is running, I want to display a small image in the camera. The image should not be displayed when you have taken a picture but in the camera, before you take the picture. As an example, some cameras have the option to display a GRID when you take a picture.
To start the camera immediately, put the Camera.TakePicture method inside the Screen.Initialize event
Unfortunately it is not possible to display a small image in the camera preview window, however you could add an image later after taking the app, see the image extension and its Overlay method.

Detect when an image with no background shown on video

I have a video taken using my app by the user.
How can I detect when an image with no background is shown on the video?

Capture video with overlay data (or watermark)?

I'm creating a video recording app that record video via camera and show some overlay data info (such as current location, weather,... in other word, we can call these as watermark) at the same time.
Currently, i create an overlay layout on top of camera view to display the data info then everything look OK.
But, now is the main part, i want to capture all what we can see on screen (what we can record with camera + all overlay data) to a video. I did try some solutions from tutorials/guide by google such as record screen... but still not success.
Below are some more related questions can be found on Stack Overflow but didn't help me much:
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render overlay graphics into camera video
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So, did you try to achieve this before? Or anyone can give some hint on how to do it?

How to get the camera functionality in the android webview?

I am trying to get the camera functionality in android webview where it has to capture the image. But I am unable to get the camera functionality.